17 April 2008

Respectfully Warning the Parents of Wang Qianyuan

(edited slightly ten minutes later to fix some tense issues, also inserted a clarification to statement re: remorse)

(edited at 6 PM to retranslate a metaphor that was completely wrong - see second paragraph for revised version)

My apologies for any serious errors contained herein. I did this translation in a very short time and is only meant to give an idea of some of the discussion that's been going on in the Chinese-language sphere. I will post more as time permits.

As always, none of the opinions posted are my own. I selected this article as it was one of the top ten Google results in Mandarin Chinese.


Retrieved from http://cache.tianya.cn/publicforum/content/free/1/1190287.shtml
Accessed 16 April 2008

Wang claims on television that "many Chinese have the same opinion as she does"; from this, we can see that at least her parents and her treasonous philosophy have something: they on some level approved of her treasonous behavior!

Using your behavior to teach others doesn't require any special educational background. China is a society that has always advocated the tradition of honoring and loving one's country. It is very rare to see this sort of shameless, faceless behavior! Was she sent from the heavens, meant to sell out her country as soon as she set foot on this earth? Of course not, she is the result of the educational efforts of her family over this many years.

"Democracy" is not a reason to betray your country; in her youth, she has taken this as an excuse for her rebellion. She is a young and naïve girl who has turned against country after imbibing the "democratic philosophy" endorsed at Duke University. For such a girl, who wants to leave the ranks of her Asian brethren for Europe, this is the result of her familial upbringing!

We do not endorse linking her actions with that of her family, nor do we endorse using any sort of violent methods to attack her or her parents. But we do support finding ways to communicate with the parents of this girl***. We hope that they can convince their treasure to stop using such separatist language as justification, to rejoin the ranks of her compatriots against an insignificant group of clowns, and to stop interfering with the righteous behavior of the Chinese people. Do not assume that a majority of the Chinese people side with her because of such ridiculous excuses!
She is at the precipice, but there is still time. I hope that her parents can convince her to see reason and rejoin us. Do not let your precious treasure languish in exile, by then, showing remorse will not be enough to bring forgiveness.

We ask that she account for her actions sincerely and truthfully with our patriotic youth as well as with the rest of the Chinese people.

*** Wang ni Qianyuan, a pun on her name, which means "Wang who goes against her thousand roots"

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