22 December 2005

胡适:爱情与痛苦 // Hu Shi: Love and Suffering

I'm having trouble finding his books in Beijing bookstores.  Aside from a few selected essay collections, I'm not finding very much at all.  Am I just looking in the wrong sections? 

This short piece was published 29 June 1919 in Weekly Criticisms (《每周评论》) number 28. 

In Weekly Criticisms issue number 25, my friend Chen DuXiu (陈独秀) cited me saying, "The price of love** is suffering, you must bear the suffering if you are to love***."  He also added his evaluation, saying, "I think that this doesn't just apply to romantic love, but also a love of your country or to a love of truth."  Three days after these words were published, he was taken away by the Beijing Police.  He's still at the police station after more than fifteen days.  We want to say to him, "The reward to loving your country or loving truth is suffering, to love your country or to love truth necessitates that you bear the suffering."

**爱情 here refers to romantic love.
***I had a small problem here with the end of the sentence.  The original is "爱情的方法是要忍得住痛苦", if anyone has a suggestion for a better translation, please let me know.

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