06 December 2005

China, 拆拿, 拆了又拿

(overheard on a bus on Third Ring Road)

My current idea for this blog is to specialize it beyond categorizing the ridiculous (Beauty Saloon in Sanlitun, anyone? Remember, the more you drink, the better she looks.). Thus, I've decided to use it as a bathtub for gin making, also as a soap box upon which I will dispense subjects of interest to anyone still left reading after that last comment.

I've been interested in translation ever since I learned English. And let me say that as an INTP, shades of meaning drive me absolutely crazy. So, in order to please myself, I've decided that this blog will probably end up as a repository for all the translation work that I've set myself to do. Some of the literature can be found elsewhere in print anthologies, but really, the purpose is to give myself practice, regardless of redundancy.

EastSouthWestNorth has a very neat feature in which the blogger will translate some articles from Chinese into English. I hope to follow in his oversized shoes and do a few of my own. The ones that I do aren't meant to be significant. Face it, the whole exercise is supposed to make my Chinese (or English) better, but I'm not holding my breath.

My current "literary" project (on hold) is transcribing and translating 刘三姐 (Liu San Jie), a minority musical from the early 60s. I'll post it when I am finished, probably when I am 80 and in my last gasps from some sort of insidious flesh eating virus.

In the mean time, I'll go back to whatever it is I am doing and be very afraid because the bird flu has jumped into pigs and thus come one step closer to achieving human to human infection potential...


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